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The Mandingo Club

I) ---Prologue---

I moved to Houston from Chicago about three years ago for a bunch
of reasons; new job, more pay, warmer climate, better costs of living. All
together, it was a good move. One of the things I do miss about the Windy
City though is my membership in the Mandingo club. Maybe, as a white guy,
I didn't actually have a 'membership', but I was fortunate enough to attend
and serve at their monthly parties for almost two years. The Mandingo club
is a private men's club that is dedicated to notion of the superiority of
the black man to all other men, particularly little white cocksuckers who
live to service dark meat. I haven't found anything similar in Houston,
although believe me I've looked.
I think that every guy, whether they call themselves gay, bi or
straight had a moment of suspicion that black guys are superior to all
males of other races, and I think the smart ones quickly move from
suspicion to realization and acceptance. For me at least, it was the first
time my freshmen classmates and I were stripping down for the showers after
high school gym class that I realized that I'd never measure up to my black
friends. I'd of course noticed their full lips and dark eyes before, but
I'd never seen a black guy naked and I was in awe. I'm not talking about
just penis size, although that was certainly part of it. Their young
bodies were becoming sleek and powerful looking, owing to a natural
tendency towards being muscular with low body fat. The darkness of their
skin was mysterious and seductive. Even the black guys that weren't in the
best shape still radiated a natural confidence and masculine sexuality that
suggested they were aware of their superiority to the rest of us. Most
these high school studs knew that they could get any white woman they want
to service them, and the smart ones knew that they could just as easily
conquer white males too.

II) ---History---

Since then, I'd always had an attraction to big black studs and my
first sexual experience was with two older black guys. It was a long time
ago, but I still remember it vividly. When I was 16, my older brother
worked construction and had a coworker named Thomas, with whom he was
friends. I met him a couple of times and he was gorgeous. 24 years old,
flawless skin a mocha coffee color, tight curly black hair, big hands,
square jaw and full pouty lips. He wore tight jeans and white t-shirts
that bulged with his naturally built physique underneath. Add a tool belt,
gloves and work boots and he could be any horny teen boy's fantasy. I'm
sure I made a fool of myself the first time we met, saying something lame
and just staring at this ebony stud. He and my older brother would hangout
after work, drinking beer and going to bars to chase girls. After a while,
my thoughts started to drift to Thomas more and more, particularly when I
would jerk off.
I snuck a look at my older brother's address book and got Thomas's
number. I just wanted to hear his sexy voice, but it took a long time for
me to work up the nerve to call. I was so paranoid, I'd always called from
a pay phone, just in case he could somehow trace the calls back to me. For
the first week, I'd just call him and hang up whenever he'd answer. The
following week I got a little braver and would say something quickly, like
'I want to suck your big black dick' or 'I want to feel your cock in my
tight little ass' before quickly hanging up. I don't think he knew it was
One Saturday afternoon I called Thomas and told him that I wanted
to suck him off and feel him cum in my mouth, but I didn't hang up. I
wanted to hear his reaction.
"Look bitch, are you for real?" he asked.
"Yeah," I said with false bravado. "I want to make your big dick
feel good with my cocksucking mouth and tight little virgin ass."
"Let's meet up," he said, which surprised me. I told him that I'd
be on a certain corner near my house at 10:00 that evening if he wanted to
get laid. He told me he'd be there, but if I wasn't then not to bother
calling back.
That evening I snuck out of my house and jogged to the meeting
place, about 8 blocks away. My heart was pounding, my mouth was dry and my
legs were shaking from nervousness. The block was isolated, next to a
vacant lot and pretty dark, with only a single street light about half a
block away. The pickup site wasn't in the best area, but I was more
nervous about what I'd do or say if Thomas showed up. I thought about
hiding in the bushes and watching to see if he came, but decided I didn't
want to take the chance of him leaving if he didn't think I was there.
A little after 10:00, Thomas pulled up in his truck and rolled down
the window and I walked over. I think he was surprised to see his
coworker's kid brother, but told me to get in. We didn't say much on the
ride to his place, but I remember my cock was hard in my jeans and stomach
was doing flips.
Back at his place, Thomas again asked me if I was for real. I told
him yeah, I was and he told me to prove in and to strip. Nervously, I
kicked off my shoes, and peeled off my sweatshirt and jeans. I removed my
white socks and stood there in just my white briefs. Thomas had lit a
joint and stood taking drags and watching me as I undressed.
"Naked boy," he said. "Loose the underwear too."
Taking a deep breath, I pushed my underwear down to my ankles an
stepped out of them, standing naked and fearful in front of this stud. I
was so nervous, my penis wasn't even hard despite the eroticism of this
moment I had fantasized about for months. Although it was a momentous act
for me to strip naked in front of this ebony god, Thomas didn't seem
impressed. He gave my trembling body a quick glance and then peeled off
his t-shirt, revealing large pectoral muscles, broad shoulders and a
smooth, flat waist. He kicked off his boots and peeled down his shorts and
boxers, revealing a thick black cock beginning to swell and arch up from
his body. He was cut and he wasn't stereotypically huge, but it was the
largest cock I had ever seen in my life up to that point, probably almost 9
inches. His pubes were tight, black and curly, so different from my own
bush. He turned and walked over to a chair and my eyes went down the
muscles of his back to the firm dark globes of his ass. He sat down and
motioned me over in front of him. I walked over in a daze and sunk down to
my knees, reaching out to touch the cock of another man for the first time
in my life. After stroking it up and down for a few minutes and feeling it
grow hard, I licked my lips and lowered my head, feeling the silky
smoothness of his plumb-like cockhead sliding though my lips and over my
Thomas was lounging in his recliner with his legs spread wide and
smoking his joint while I was kneeling in front of him, sucking the first
cock of my life. I bobbed my head up and down, doing my best, but was only
able to get about half of his shaft in my mouth. Who doesn't remember the
first cock that they sucked and good it felt in their mouths? It was so
smooth, so warm, so hard and filled with throbbing masculine power. I
pulled my mouth off and marveled at how awesome it looked, gleaming with my
spit like it was a dark polished wood. I looked up past his broad, smooth
chest to his face a couple of times as I was sucking and he was just
watching me, seeming neither pleased or displeased, or even interested. It
was like a white kid slobbering on his meat was the most natural thing in
the world. I tried to reach and stroke my own dick, but he kicked my arm
away, telling me to just concentrate on pleasuring him. After a few
minutes I heard him dialing his phone and talking to someone, saying he had
a new cocksucker and to come over right away for some head.
I remember thinking 'new cocksucker? How many does he have?'
I continued to suck on the big stallion, determined to please him.
After about 20 minutes there was a knock at the door of the apartment.
Thomas kept one hand on the back of my head, keeping my mouth on his shaft
as I heard the door open and the sound of someone undressing behind me. I
heard the stranger ask how old I was and I think he was freaked out when
Thomas told him I was 16.
"If it bothers you bro, go get something to blindfold him with,"
Thomas said. "This kid can suck cock and I want a crack at that skinny
little white-boy ass."
Soon I was blindfolded, but not before I saw the second guys hands
long enough to know that he was black too, a much darker skin tone than
The two men stood me up and walked me to the middle of the room,
where I was pushed down to my knees between them. They took my hands and
guided each of them to their pricks. I took turns going back and forth
between them, jacking the cock that was not in my mouth. It was easy to
tell which cock belonged to Thomas because it was rock hard and moist from
my sucking, but the other guys cock felt different; more silky and fleshy.
He also wasn't completely hard, but had that wonderful feel that a cock has
when it's just beginning to swell with excitement, like a warm, fat, manly
tube of pliable flesh. Then I realized that he was uncut. A foreskin was
something I hadn't considered or given much thought to before, but I like
the way it felt.
What turned me on even more was the way that they kept talking to
me. Most guys talk during sex, but these two kept calling me names, and
they made frequent note of the color of their skin and mine. They kept a
running commentary the entire time;
"Suck that big black dick you nasty white boy! So sexy, seeing
those pretty little pink lips stretched around that big cock. Yeah, you
like black dick, don't ya? You like servicing black men, don't ya? Gonna
get this big fucking black cock in that tight little white boy ass of yours
next! Open your mouth, wider boy! That's it. Now get on it. Get on it!
Choke on it, you little cocksucker! You got a mouthful of chocolate, don't
you slut? Show us how much you love it. All the way down. All the way
down. Go on, get it. Fuck, yeah! That's it. You like that big black
cock, don't you white boy? That's a MAN's dick. Show me how much you like
that big black dick, fucking your face."
It was almost like they were competing with each other to see who
could be more lewd and dirty and their talk turned me on like nothing ever
before. I spent the next half hour or so, sucking their cocks and getting
them excited before they lifted me off of my knees and led me into the
bedroom. It was time for me to get fucked.
I was placed on the bed on my hands and knees. I felt the mattress
shift with the weight of the other guys, one in front of me and one behind.
My face was guided forward into a warm crotch, and I quickly recognized the
cock of Thomas's uncut friend in front of me, entering my mouth. I felt
hands on my firm young ass, exploring the uncharted territory. I was glad
that it was Thomas behind me and that he'd be the one to take my butt
cherry. He had a wonderful way of kneading my cheeks and squeezing them in
his hands, pushing them together and then spreading them apart, stretching
my virgin pucker. I felt something cold and slippery in my crack, and then
felt one of Thomas' large, calloused fingers easing inside my butt and
begin to saw in and out. A few minutes later, a second finger joined the
first, and I was moaning with lust around the mystery cock in my mouth.
Then I felt the fingers withdraw and his hand pressing against the small of
my back, aligning his cock with its target. Then there was something
larger and more blunt pushing against my tiny hole. I felt my anus begin
to dilate, the cock pressing in, aided by the rapidly warming lube. At one
point during the penetration I reached back and tried to push against his
thighs to slow him down, but he just grabbed my wrists and effortlessly
held them in one large hand behind my back. I would have gritted my teeth
to help bear the pain, but with my mouth stuffed with meat all I could do
was moan. I kept telling myself how much I wanted to please Thomas, to
make him proud of me, that this was what I wanted.
It took about five minutes before I felt Thomas's groin pressed
against my ass cheeks and I knew I had him all. He rested for a minute as
my butthole surrendered it's last feeble protests against the invader.
Then nature took over and he began to fuck. Hips moved like he was
dancing, a sexy smooth rhythm that drove his cock in and out of me like a
well oiled piston. His stamina was unbelievable, and he fucked me for what
felt like hours, occasionally slapping my ass and rotating his hips in
small circles so that his cock gyrated inside of me. The two of them
talked the whole time, telling me how nasty I was, that I was a good
fucking cocksucking slut, that I had a great fucking hole and predicting
that I'd have my ass in the air or be on my knees for any black cock I
could find from now on.
At one point, towards the end, Thomas' friend grabbed me by the
hips and started pushing and pulling, driving my ass back and forth on
Thomas' cock. This must have been the trick for Thomas because he soon
began to began to grunt. He pulled out of my butt with a 'pop' and jacked
a HUGE load onto my back and asscheeks. His friend was close behind and I
soon felt three or four warm jets of sperm blasting across my face,
although a few blobs of hot, salty semen landed in my mouth as well.
After the other guy left, Thomas took off my blindfold and told me
to get dressed. He drove me home, dropping me off about a block away from
my house with a promise I could do it again some time. I snuck back into
my room a little after 1:00 in the morning, exhausted and horny. In one
evening I'd lost both my oral and anal cherries and had done so with two
horny black studs. For some reason it was exciting to think that they saw
me as an outlet for their lusts, not as a person but just as a couple of
holes to be used. I stripped naked and crawled under the sheets. I lifted
my knees to my chest and felt my anus, which felt swollen and rubbery.
Within less than a minute, I was shooting a huge load of cum over my belly
and chest as I fingered my hole with my other hand. After that, I quickly
fell asleep.

III) ---Advertisement---

Ever since that night I've been hooked on black cock. I saw Thomas
about half a dozen more times over the next couple of years. His friend
joined us again a couple of times, but I was always blindfolded and to this
day I don't know who he was. Turned out Thomas did have a couple of other
cocksuckers that enjoyed his meat as much as I did, and he used us whenever
he couldn't get any action with a girl. Although I had a crush on Thomas
like a horny schoolgirl, he never seemed to pay my sexual needs any
attention. He never touched my penis or even paid it any attention. It
was as if a white boy worshiping a black stud was the most natural thing in
the world, and that there was nothing special or unique about the situation
or my feelings. I was just there for his pleasure, and nothing else.
I finished high school and played a lot of sports, mostly because I
was good at them and I enjoyed it, but being able to check out the big
ebony clubs swinging between the black athlete's thighs in the showers was
a big plus too. Sports gave me a toned, sleek physique that I've carried
into my 20s. I went on to college and eventually settled in Chicago to
pursue my career. I haven't seen Thomas in almost eight years, and since
then, I've been with my share of guys (and the occasional girl). I've
hooked up with the occasional black guy, and it's always been the hottest
sex I've had, fueling my jerk off fantasies for months afterwards, but I
could never find someone who could treat me like the black cock slut that
deep down I knew I was.
One slow Saturday I was cruising around a now largely defunct
internet hookup site, more bored than anything, when I was a posting that
really caught my eye. As close as I can recall, it read; ***One opening
available to a private men's club. You be white, Hispanic or Asian guy,
18-35, and know your purpose in life is to service BLACK MEN in any way
that they require. We are a Chicago area social club that meets once a
month, looking for a new bitch for our stable of 25 party slaves. You will
be kept naked and must be respectful at all times, and must be in good
shape, attractive and able to do what your told. Drug and disease free a
must! White, Latin or Asian preferred. Do NOT reply if you are only
interested in this or think it would be 'hot' or it's always been a fantasy
of yours. Reply with clear pics, stats, DDF status and why you think you
should be selected. Don't bother to reply if you can't even follow the
directions in this ad.***
I read the ad a couple of times, my cock swelling as I pictured the
scene described. I thought about it, wondering if it was spam or a post
from a pic collector before I figured 'what the hell'. I replied to the ad
with my description; 26 years old, blond brown hair, green eyes, 5'11",
185lbs with a seven inch cock. I told him I was drug free and clean (I'd
been tested about two months earlier) and that I really got off on
servicing black cocks, telling the story of Thomas and his buddy. Finally
I sent three pictures of myself, one face, one nude body shot from a
profile angle and one of my erect penis. About 45 minutes later I got a
response from a guy named Terry who wanted to know if I could meet at a
coffee shop inside of an out of the way bookstore in Lakeview the next day
at noon to talk more. I agreed.
I arrived the next day and settled into a discreet corner of the
coffee shop to wait. I tried to read a magazine, but my eyes kept going
nervously to the door every time it opened. I knew that the internet was
filled with flakes and that the odds are that this guy wouldn't even show
up. About 10 minutes before noon, a black guy walked in, his eyes scanning
the room like he was looking for someone. He was probably in his early
30's, about 5'9" and 200lbs with dark skin. He wasn't in the best of shape
and he wasn't what would normally be considered attractive, but he walked
up to my table and introduced himself with a confidence that made me sit up
and take notice.
Terry introduced himself and sat down and after some small talk,
proceeded to tell me about the parties. In a quiet voice, he told me that
there were about 150 black guys who were part of this group who were on his
mailing list, but usually only about 40 showed up to each party. I
remember doing some quick math in my head at the time that if there were 40
guys at a party and each guy was hung 8", that would mean there would be
over 25 FEET of black cock to take care of. My lips went dry at the
thought and I subconsciously licked them, an action that I'm sure Terry
"You and the other whiteys are expected to serve drinks and food,
provide the entertainment, keep the party going," he said. "Of course,
that means sucking cock, taking piss, getting fucked and generally letting
any brother use your little slut mouths and asses for anything we want."
I heard him, but just nodded. I think I was still in a daze
thinking about all that black cock.
Terry went on. The rules of the club were simple, but numerous.
First and always, blacks men were superior to white bois. Whites were kept
naked at the parties at all time, except for a mandatory leather collar and
cockring which we were expected to supply. Any order from a black man had
to be obeyed instantly and without question. Whites were expected to be in
good shape and to keep fit. Parties were on the first Sunday of every
month. Any slave missing two consecutive parties was expelled from the
club and replaced with a new white boi. Similarly, any black man could
nominate a white boi to be expelled from the club for any reason. This
would be put to an immediate vote at the party (which always passed) and
the slave was expelled on the spot. This helped to ensure a stable of
obedience submissives. Finally, all anal sex was safe. Terry also told me
that a some of the black tops wore masks.
"Oh and one more thing," he said. "White bitches aren't allowed
any body hair. You need to shave it, all of it. Chest, arms, legs, ass,
pits and pubes. You can grow it out between parties, but your expected to
be fairy boy smooth when serving your masters. So, you interested?"
I told him I was definitely interested.
"Then prove it white boi," he said firmly. "Go into the bathroom
and into the handicap stall. Strip naked and wait for me. I'll be there
in two minutes."
"Here?" I said, not quite believing that he wanted to me get naked
in a public restroom.
"Here and now," he said. "I'm not going to tell you again. Either
do it or I walk out now and choose another bitch for our party. I only got
about 50 responses to my ad, so move!"
I got up from the table and made my way to the restrooms in the
back of the store. It was thankfully empty and I quickly entered the
handicapped stall and locked the door. I peeled of my shirt and t-shirt,
hanging them on the hook on the back of the door. I kicked off my shoes
and sock and was standing barefoot on the cool tile floor. Then, with a
deep breath, I pushed my jeans and boxers down and stepped out of them,
folding them into a bundle which I placed on the back of the toilet tank.
It was humiliating. Standing there naked, I was shivering from a
combination of cold and fear. Anyone coming into the bathroom would see my
bare feet in the stall and wonder what was up. I didn't know what to do so
I started to squeeze my cock and balls, hoping to plump them up so they
would appear visually more appealing to Terry.
A minute or so later I heard the bathroom door opened and someone
walked inside. They made a beeline for the handicapped stall and tried to
open the door.
"Open up you little fucker!" I hear Terry say.
I unlatched the door, pushed it open and was immediately blinded by
the flash from a camera. After blinking a few times, I saw Terry standing
there with a digital camera and a grin on his face. He walked into the
stall and locked the door behind him.
"Hands on your head," he said aiming the camera at me again. "Back
against the wall".
For the next two or three minutes he took photos of me from various
angles. He had me flex and pose like a body builder, showing my back,
chest and arm muscles. I was glad that I'd gone to the gym that morning so
I still looked pumped. He turned me around so that he could take pictures
of my butt and had me drop to my knees with my hands behind my head, mouth
open and tongue out, looking straight up at the camera while he stood over
me. Finally he had me bend over the toilet and reach back to spread my
cheeks so that he could take several close up pictures of my pink butthole.
My mind was on autopilot. Was he going to fuck me in a public restroom?
Make me suck him off? The fear of discovery terrified me, but my cock was
rock hard the whole time, betraying my arousal. I could see the large
swelling in his jeans, but he never touched me.
Finally he was done. I heard him open the door of the stall and
walk out as I was bent over the toilet, ass to the world. "I'll be in
touch bitch", was all he said as he left, leaving me there. I quickly got
dressed and hurried out of the bathroom, but Terry was already gone. I
went home, wondering if I'd been had and this was someone's idea of a joke.
Part of me was mad and worried, afraid that I'd see pictures of my nude
self plastered all over the internet. I kept checking my e-mails and
finally got one four days later from Terry that simply said "Hang tight
bitch. It's between you and another white slut. Will decide in the next
couple of days." I resisted the urge to reply and ask questions and two
days later, got the answer I'd been hoping for.

IV) ---Selection---

***Congratulations boi! You have been selected to serve at the Chicago
Mandingo party next Saturday. There was a lot of competition for this spot
so you should feel honored that you're being given the chance to serve in
our stable of white sluts. Remember the rules: 1) You are to be naked at
all times except for collar and cock ring. Don't have these items? Get
them! 2) No talking! There's only one reason you should be opening your
mouth at these parties and that's when a brother wants to bust a nut down
your throat. 3) Be clean, inside and out. 4) No body hair below the neck.
NO EXCEPTIONS! 5) Be respectful at all times. 6) NO CUMMING, unless
ordered to do so by one of us! No one is interested in your pleasure or
your dick. Don't even touch that little white worm between your legs you
call a dick. 7) You will be expected to host a party in the future as all
the bottoms take turns. If you cannot host, you are responsible for
getting a hotel suite (get the other fag ho's to chip in to help pay) or
arranging a party place with another sub.
Be at the following address at noon next Saturday. You are
expected to bring either beer or food. You will not consume alcohol at the
party, only water. If you miss this one, there will be no second
invitation. If you attend this one but miss a future party, you will be
punished up to and including expulsion from the group. Remember, you are
there to serve and be used and abused in any way we see fit. From now on
your name at these parties will be "Fuckslut" and you will be referred to
in this way at all times.
Get ready to put out white boy! -- Terry ***
I read the e-mail several times, my dick hard in my jeans.
Suddenly it seemed like less of a joke. I was nervous and had a lot of
questions, but I didn't want to e-mail Terry back and risk making him mad.
The morning of the party came and I was really nervous. I already
had a studded leather cockring, but had gone out and bought a matching
leather collar a few days earlier. I was telling myself that I wasn't sure
if I was going to go or not, but my mind was kind of on autopilot again and
the next thing I knew I was in the bathroom giving myself a series of
enemas. When I was cleaned out, I took a hot shower to relax. I usually
shave my face in the shower so I proceeded to do so. Then I lathered up my
groin and, taking a deep breath, I dragged the razor across my pubes
leaving a stubbly but clean strip in its wake. I kept shaving my pubes,
nuts, armpits and chest until I was completely smooth. I cheated a pit and
used a delapitory cream on my ass, legs and arms and fifteen minutes later
I was totally hairless from the neck down. Stepping out of the shower, I
stared for a few minutes at my body in the mirror. Having very little hair
to begin with, it wasn't a huge change, except of my dick. Denuded of any
hair, it looked more prominent and more lewd somehow. Although my penis
looked bigger, I knew it was only an illusion and I hoped to be seeing some
really monster cocks soon enough. Before I got dressed I snapped my
cockstrap around the base of my equipment, which seemed to accentuate my
nudity even more. Seeing that I had about an hour left to get there, I got
dressed, wrote down the address on a slip of paper, put the collar in my
jacket pocket and was out the door.

V) ---First Party---

I got off the train near Lincoln Park and walked the rest of the
way to the designated address, stopping to get a case of beer on the way.
My heart was pounding as I got near the address, wondering what this would
be like. I finally got to the address, a nice looking townhouse, but
actually continued walking past it. I guess I wanted to check it out and
see if there was any traffic in and out or if it was a dud so I watched
from across the street for about 10 minutes, gathering up my courage. I
saw one black guy on a motorcycle who drove up, parked his bike and then
walked up the stairs and into the house like he owned the place. Taking a
deep breath I crossed the street. I could hear the sounds of a party as I
approached the house and climbed the front stairs, but all the blinds were
closed. I was telling myself that as soon as I rung the doorbell it would
be too late to turn back when I saw a small index card taped to the door.
It said 'Brothers only! All others use back door'.
I silently went back down the stair and crept down the alley by the
side of the house and climbed the stairs to the backdoor. I knocked a
couple of times but there was no answer. Noise from the party I guess.
Screwing up my courage I opened the door and walked into a small utility
room. There was a washer and dryer on one wall covered in plastic grocery
store bags. I walked through the utility room and through another door
that led into the kitchen, where I was immediately greeted with the sight
of two naked white guys. They both probably in their late 20's or early
30's, good looking, and totally nude except for their black leather collars
and cockrings. Neither of them had any body hair below their necks. One
was in front of the refrigerator, bringing out food and the other was
placing some sort of appetizers onto a tray. Both looked up and saw me as
I stepped into the kitchen. I could hear sounds from the party coming from
the rest of the house.
"Um, hi. I'm looking for Terry. He said to meet him here."
Both of the naked guys quickly put a finger to their lips,
indicating that I should be silent. One of them led me back into utility
room and handed me a plastic bag. With a tug at my shirt, I figured that
he was telling me to undress and leave my clothes in the bag. A quick
glance into another clothes filled bags confirmed this and I nervously
stripped down, stashing my bag where I could find it later. The other guy
helped me put my collar on and soon I was just like he was, naked except
for the collar and cockring. He took a small bowl from a shelf containing
three small metal tags with clips attached. One of them said ' Fuckslut'
and I figured that it was mine, remembering Terry's e-mail. The other guy
('Cockwhore' from his name tag) led me back into the kitchen, handed me
tray of mini-pizzas and pointed me towards a door leading to the rest of
the house.
I walked into a large area that was a combination dining room and
living room. It was incredible! A party from my wildest jerk off
fantasies. There was loud bass driven music thumping from the stereo
system and there was a large banner hung on the wall of the living room
over the fireplace that someone had done on their computer that read 'Black
is Beautiful! Everywhere there were guys. The white guys (I say white
guys, although in truth there were a few Latino and Asians too) were easy
to spot, since they were all naked except for their rings and collars. The
Chicago winter meant that most of the submissives hadn't seen a lot of sun,
and most were lily white and stood out in sharp contrast to our dark
masters. A couple, like me, were carrying trays of food or drinks on trays
. Most of the black men were fully dressed, standing around talking to
each other or sitting on the couch watching a football game. I wish I
could tell you that they were all young, muscular jocks or sexy thugs, but
the truth is that while some of them were like that, most just seemed like
normal, average guys. They were the guys you'd see on the street or in an
office every day. They could have been delivery guys or security guards,
lawyers or filing clerks, bus drivers or students. About half of them wore
cheap, Zorro-like masks over the top half of their faces. A few of them
had their dicks out and a few lucky slaves already had their faces stuffed
with black cock.
A couple of white sluts were kneeling on one wall near the stairs
with their hands behind their backs, their eyes scanning the room looking
for opportunities to be of use. A few white boys had leashes attached to
their collars and they knelt next to whichever stud had claimed them for
this party. In one corner of the dining room, a large, powerful looking
black guy with bulging arm muscles had a slave thrown over his lap and he
was soundly spanking the smooth jiggling bubble butt so that the cheeks
glowed red. One guy was curled up into a ball on his hands and knees and
was working his tongue over and around the bare feet and toes of a heavy
set mocha skinned guy sitting in a large chair.
I felt someone grab my arm and turned around to see Terry standing
there grinning. "About time you showed up," he said as he turned and
walked towards the living room, dragging me behind him. "Guys, this is the
new 'Fuckslut'". A couple of guys cheered and most looked me over.
"Remember the rules cunt," Terry hissed at me in a whisper. "Screw this up
and you'll never be invited back".
I nodded and he let me go. I walked through the room not sure of
what to do. As I was checking things out, most of the black guys ignored
me, although a few reached out to squeeze my ass or tweak my nipple. There
was so much going on, I can't recall everything. I do remember there was a
white guy there with a large letter 'P' written on his chest and back with
a red marker. In addition to his collar and cockring, he was wearing a
ball gag, nipple clamps attached with a heavy chain and with his hands
cuffed behind his back. I found out later that he was also stuffed with a
large plug up his ass too. Turns out that this was the standard punishment
for missing the prior month's party. The absent slave would be bound,
gagged and plugged, but allowed to wander the next party as an observer.
He was strictly off limits for use. He got the silent treatment. It must
have been torture, surrounded by hot more horny black dick than most people
see in a lifetime, but he not being able to feel or taste an inch of it.
For most of the first hour I just served appetizers and drinks to
the hungry studs, running back and forth from the kitchen. My cock was
hard as a rock, but I remembered not to touch it. After a while I wandered
up stairs, where I had seen guys coming and going for the last hour or so.
In the master bedroom, there were about three black guys standing around
against the walls, either slowly stroking their huge cocks or being sucked
eagerly by kneeling slaves. Most of the eyes were on the queen sized bed
in the middle of the room, which already looked well used. An ebony god
made of smooth solid muscle was sitting on the bed, with his legs spread
wide apart. He was watching a thin, blond little twink, maybe 19 years old
was doing his best to take the stud's meat in his mouth. The sounds of
sucking and slurping filled the air. After a few minutes the bull-stud was
ready and actually picked the white kid up and laid him on the bed. What
made it even hotter was that the bottom was small, maybe 5'6", while the
black stud was probably about 6'2". The slave was on his back and the
black stud managed to squeeze his glistening erection into a condom and
slather it in lube. Then he took hold of both of the whitey's ankles in
one large hand and aimed his tool at the kids anus. The kid was no virgin
because in a couple of minutes his ass had engulfed all of the black meat
like a pro. The ebony stud started ramming in and out of his fuck toy,
eliciting moans and yelps from his victim. I only got to watch for a
minute or so before I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see another
black guy watching the fuck show. He was wearing a mask, but I guessed him
to be in his mid 40's. With no more of an introduction than "Suck it", and
I dropped to my knees, taking his cock into my mouth in a sooth motion. He
kept his hand on top of my head, showing me the rhythm he wanted.
He pulled out of my mouth after about five minutes and tucked
himself away, wandering out of the room to join the rest of the party. The
kid on the bed was still getting jackhammered by his bull and moaning like
a whore. I wandered into the master bathroom. In the large garden tub was
a guy, bound tightly with rope, his wrists behind his back, curled up in
the fetal position with his mouth gagged. The tub was filled to a depth of
about three inches with a foul looking puddle of yellowish piss. The guys
hair was wet and matted to his forehead, so I guess he'd been there for
some time.
A naked Asian guy was kneeling in front of an older looking black
guy who was leaning on the vanity next to the tub. I thought that he was
getting a blowjob, but the Asian wasn't moving his head. He was perfectly
still. Then after a few seconds, the black guys squeezed his cock and
pulled it from the Asian's mouth. The Asian then leaned over the tub and
spat a mouthful of piss onto the face of the piss-pig in the tub, adding it
to the puddle. He then got his mouth back on the black dude's dick for
another mouthful of recycled beer. I watched him go back and forth a few
times, delivering more piss to the tub, one mouthful at a time, but I left
fairly quickly. Piss play isn't really my thing, but the guy in the tub
seemed to like it. I found out later that he actually owned the townhome
we were in and was the host of this party.
There was another flight of stairs from the third floor which I
followed up and onto a landing. There was a glass door that led out to a
private roof deck. There were two black guys sitting on chairs smoking
cigarettes. A really good looking dark haired white guy in his late 20s
with an athletic build, kneeling in between them with his hands behind his
back, his knees spread wide. He was holding a plastic ashtray in between
his teeth and his face was covered in streaks of gray and black ash. He
probably didn't smoke and he looked like he was going to be sick from the
smell of the ashtray and the smoke. One of them was talking and other one
had the top of the toe of his boot against the kneeling kids nuts . He was
casually playing with the kids balls with his boot in a way that made the
naked slave twitch nervously.
The other guy saw me through the door and motioned me out to him.
I opened the door and stepped outside, thankfully noting that there was a
chest high railing around the deck. A quick glance around told me that no
one could see us.
The guy who motioned me out must have been a mechanic because he
had a blue uniform on with white oval circle on the chest that identified
him as 'Ray'. He must have just gotten off work and come straight to the
party. He ordered me to bring them two more beers so I ran downstairs and
got the drinks. When I came back, I kneeled down handed the cold drinks to
them. Ray took his, took a drink and then unzipped his pants and fished
out a thick, heavily veined piece of circumcised meat which was rapidly
swelling up. He reached out and placed his hand on the back of my head and
pulled my face into his crotch without missing a beat of his conversation.
As I sucked him off I glanced up and could see the tag on the white kid's
collar, identifying him as 'Slut-4-Black'. I think he was a little jealous
of me for just showing up and being able to work on a big black dick while
he was forced to hold an ashtray in his mouth. He'd probably been waiting
for hours for the treat I was now getting.
After I sucked Ray off until he blasted a thick load into my mouth
and throat. He tucked his impressive cock back into his work pants and I
waited for a few minutes, but he and the other guy were back in their
conversation. I went back down stairs where Terry came up and grabbed me
by the arm again. "Where you been? Some of the brothers been asking about
you. It's time to put out."
I followed Terry over to a couch next to the front door. There was
a black guy sitting at one end, stroking his cock, and a naked white guy
sitting next to him in the middle of the couch. I couldn't tell you what
the white guy looked like because there was another naked black man
standing on the couch over him, fucking the slaves throat. I could see a
little of the thick dark cock as it glided back and forth over the slut's
slobbering lips. I was led to the side of the couch and pushed over the
arm. My butt rose up into the air and my face came down in the first black
guy's lap. His erection entered my moth and I started sucking. I could
feel hands squeezing and slapping my ass cheeks, occasionally dipping
further to probe and test my tight hole. I moaned around the cock in my
mouth as I heard the rip of a condom wrapper and the slick sound of lube
being rubbed on a large cock. Someone spit on my hole and soon, someone
was pushing into me. I don't know if it was Terry or not, but if felt
thick and gave my hole a good stretch.
I stayed in that position, bent over the arm of the sofa, for over
an hour. I was constantly fucked. I counted eight separate penetrations
of my ass, but I don't know if they were eight separate guys or if some
guys double dipped. I had four cocks in my mouth, but only two came. When
it was over, I felt several large hands on my ass, spreading my cheeks
apart. I heard the click and saw the flash from a camera. Terry was
taking another set of pictures of my hole. I found out later that he kept
an album with before and after pictures of all the white guy's buttholes.
He liked to see them going from tight and pink to swollen and gaping after
their first Mandingo party I guess.
The party lasted for several hours more. Guys eventually began to
filter out and I pitched in with the rest of the slaves to help clean up.
Eventually I got dressed and left, riding the train home in a daze. When I
got back to my apartment I collapsed into bed, exhausted from my first
party, but knowing that I'd found what I'd been looking for. When the
following month rolled around and I got my invitation to a new address, I
knew without a doubt I'd be there.

VI) --Other parties and Games--

For almost two years I faithfully attended every party. These were
held in homes and hotels, apartments and in the suburbs, wherever a sub
could arrange it . One was even held at a house in the country that
surrounded the city. I actually missed that one and had to spend next
month's party with my hands bound, nipples clamped and plugs in my mouth
and ass as I enviously watch the other submissives work to serve their
black masters. I guess the trip must have been too far for a lot of us to
make because I was one of about six slaves being punished for absenteeism.
One of the submissive guys (Sperm-junkie was his party name)
managed at a gym near downtown Chicago that mostly catered to business men
and women during the week. Because the weekends were so slow, the owner
had decided that closing time on Sundays would be 5:00. Once, Sperm-junkie
opened the gym for an after-hours party. That was the best, because it
allowed everyone to be in an environment where nudity was natural and it
basically quickly became nothing but a black on white orgy. Although we
had access to the entire gym, most of the guys stayed in the locker rooms,
showers, sauna, and large whirlpool tub.
It was amazing. Everywhere you looked there were naked black men
and their white servants. There was fucking in the saunas and showers,
blowjobs were being given in the locker room. There was a padded massage
table in one room and the ebony studs took turns getting rubdowns from
their willing slaves. I was only able to enjoy about half the evening
walking around before the black doms decided to tie me and another guy face
up to on one of the benches in the locker room. While I wasn't able to
join in any of the more of the fun going on in the showers or sauna, the
plus side was that a lot of the studs decided to sit on my face and I got
my tongue between some really sexy black butts. As thrilling as it was, it
also surprised me a lot because I'd learned from attending the parties that
while most black guys really get off on getting their assholes licked and
munched on, they're not likely to do it in front of another brother. I
also spent a lot of time tea- bagging the dark hairy nutsacks of the men
that didn't use me for rim jobs.
After the party was over, me and the rest of the subs were given 30
minutes to clean up the beer cans, condoms and condom wrappers to hide any
trace of the activities that had taken place.
One of the most insidious aspects of these parties were the masks
that some of the black guys wore. My face was totally exposed, but there
were dozens of black men. It first hit me when I was riding the train a
few days after the first party and a black man in a business suit was
sitting across from me. We made eye contact in the casual way that
strangers do and suddenly it hit me; did he recognize me? Did he know me?
Had he fucked me at the party, or had I sucked his cock? Not knowing was
the worst. Now, no longer would I be able to ride a train or sit in a
meeting with a black man without wondering if he was one of the guys that
had seen me at my most vulnerable and whorish. Every black man I met from
now could, potentially, already know me more intimately than anyone else.
I could be recognized in the grocery store, at the gym, while shopping for
clothes, eating in a restaurant, anywhere. I could never be sure anymore,
and the realization that these parties would fundamentally alter my
interactions with African American men for the rest of his life set in
I think I was recognized once in a nice downtown steak restaurant.
I was with a group of friends, celebrating one of their birthdays when I
looked up from our table to see a black guy in a booth, staring right at
me. He caught my eye and grinned, spreading his legs a little bit. My
eyes immediately went to his basket and I think he saw this because he
grinned again and reached down and kind of rubbed his crotch discreetly. I
couldn't place him or couldn't be sure I even knew him, but I felt like he
knew me. He left long before we did and I think the only reason he didn't
say anything to me then and there was because I was with a group of guys
and he was with his woman.
The black guys also like to come up with games for their sluts to
play for their amusement. One of their favorite games was called white
bitch tug-of-war, which I was never much good at. The way it worked was
that every black man chose a naked slave as his 'steed'. The black man was
the jockey. Brackets were drawn, just like in basketball, that showed the
schedule of the games .
Two pieces of white masking tape were placed on the floor, about
three feet apart. The two contestants were placed on their hands and knees
between the tape, facing away from each other so that their asses were
about 18 inches apart. A thick cloth cord was then tied tightly to each
slaves balls and penis to where there was no slack in the middle. Then, on
the count of three, each of the white slaves would try to crawl forward,
painfully trying to pull the other slave backwards by the balls. All the
blacks would be cheering and shouting loudly, placing bets on the white
guys suffering for their amusement. Every once in a while a black stud
would drop his pants and pull out his cock and stand in front of the
straining slave's pain streaked face. He would waive his thick meat a few
inches away from the slave's mouth, encouraging him forward with the
promise of a tasty treat. All the while, the boi's two jockeys would smack
their asses with belts, hands or paddles, trying to drive them forward.
The first slave to pull the other backwards over the tape line was the
declared the winner. The winner would basically get nothing except for the
privilege of competing again in the next round. The loser would get
paddled, whipped or spanked for losing, and then again for every game that
was played thereafter, meaning that if you lost the first bracket you could
be sure of a blazing red ass by the time the final game was played.
Other games involved races of a sort. Two large black dildos would
be suction cupped to the floor and to slaves would be made to squat over
them, racing to see who could get the entire fake dick inside their ass
first. The loser would be spanked, as was the usual punishment. Other
times we had to be participants in blowjob contests. Two or more slaves
would kneel side by side and black men would step up to their sucker's
mouths, their erections bobbing in front of them. The first guy to make
their stud cum was the winner. Then the clock started and every other
slave would be timed from that point on to see how long it took them to
bring their black cock to climax. The loser or losers would then be
spanked, five swats for every minute it took them. Of course, the black
guys did their best to make it last a long time, both because they enjoyed
the suck jobs, but also to make it worse for their suckers. Subs began to
panic or get frustrated when they couldn't coax a load out with their
mouths and tongues, their minds beginning to panic at the thought of
punishment. The 'prize' for the winner of this game was that he had to
kneel there, head back and mouth open with a mouthful of cum for the rest
of the competition. Black guys would walk up and look at the load in his
mouth and sometimes would hawk wads of spit into the mix as well until the
slave was ordered to swallow.

VII) ---Epilogue---

Anyway, as I said in the beginning, I eventually moved to Texas. I
didn't tell Terry or anyone else from the Mandingo Club that I was moving,
I just left. I guess I wanted to hold on as long as possible. After I got
settled in my new place in Texas, I got my monthly invitation, but didn't
respond. The day of the party came and I thought about all the lucky white
guys who were taking care of a group of horny black studs with their mouths
and assholes. A month later, my second invitation came and I didn't
respond to it either. After that they stopped coming, and I assume that
another lucky white bitch took my place and there is a new 'Fuckslut' these
I'm assuming that these parties are still going on. If anyone has
attended or is attending these parties in the Chicago area, or better yet,
if anyone know of similar parties are currently being held in Texas, I'd
love to hear from you. Better yet, if Thomas is reading this...

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