The faggoting of Tony

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By Lutheran Maid:

It wasn't the cuckolding of my husband that made the most profound difference in our marriage, it was when Amos turned Tony into his faggot. To unmake a man and fashion him into something much less, to remould him for your dominant male pleasure, that changes what a husband is and can ever then be. I think Tony knew the direction that life would take pretty soon after I met Amos. It was at a works party, me the PA to the marketing director and Amos one of the engineers who maintained the machines on the shop floor. In my job i hardly ever encountered Amos, but I knew that the women who worked down there fantasised about him. Amos with the big chest. Amos with the winning smile. Amos who had once fucked so and so and she was never the same again. Well all of that was well enough, but as i learned, Amos wanted more. He wanted to own a white bitch, but he wanted to own her husband too. The fact that my husband was white, successful as an accountant probably seemed very attractive indeed. Tony has spent a fortune on my wardrobe and bought Amos a new BMW since he has been fucking us both.

Amos started dating me and the sex was amazing. In those first nights it was casual and explosive. I would wear easily access short skirts and no panties and Amos would push me against a wall and plunge his cock inside me, thrusting brutally until I quickly orgasmed and his prick erupted. It was rough sex, deadly effective sex, because the man could make me climax in minutes and I was always left dripping spunk. It was embarrassing to then sit on seats and wet them with my well serviced pussy. One girlfriend winked and said that I was obviously getting plenty. The little bitch was so jealous. Tony realised very early on what was going on. I was becoming black owned. It's a delicious submissive feeling, a submission to destiny, always thinking about his black cock, always aching for it until you can feel it own you again. Tony chose the acquiescent path. He could have objected but I would have left him. He could have confronted Amos but he would have got hit. Instead, my dear sweet, pliable husband set up a monthly fund of money so that Amos could take me out lots. I even saw a note that he sent Amos, begging him to be discrete where he took me, bit assuring him in turn that he would be discrete too, not contesting the union because he accepted that it was inevitable anyway.

Amos started to come back to the house and he told Tony to fuck off on those occasions. It felt incredibly horny to watch Amos sending Tony out of his own house. Amos was so naturally dominant and to my surprise Tony was so submissive. My husband would stand and smoke cigarettes in the garden whilst Amos fucked me noisily upstairs. Then, with my sex full of his creamy spunk again, we would lie back on the bed and Amos started to reveal his hedonistic vision. He wanted me to treat Tony like an utter bitch. I was to cost him a fortune in clothes, i was to refer to him in the most disparaging terms and to make him realise that he would never, ever, fuck me again. I was always sore, stretched, wet from the fucking that Amos gave me when I responded.

'Yes…anything darling.'

The change hit Tony in the wallet, his self esteem and the bedroom too. My husband was cast out to another bedroom. The onslaught had begun and it was having a significant effect. Tony now hesitated about speaking to me. He certainly never contested my views on any subject. I was eclipsing him and our friends started to notice it. Tony was psychologically shrinking and seeming the less comfortable for it. Amos watched me belittle my husband and he enjoyed it. It was a terribly masculine thing. it wasn't something decent, nice, mature, it was cruel and self serving.

Amos said that Tony was ready. He was ready to be completely uncoupled from my sexual sphere except for licking my cunt. He would either lick me to arousal or else clean up Amos's copious mess. What would uncouple Tony completely Amos said was if he he turned my husband into his faggot. It would force Tony to focus on Amos's dick. It would transform their relationship into master and servant. Putting his butt up for Amos to fuck would completely reframe Tony's perception of himself. It seemed radical. It seemed very very cruel, but Amos was adamant. A couple of weeks, during which my quota of cock was held back just a little persuaded me. Tony had to do as Amos told him.

I remember that we took a cottage down near Lyme Regis. It wasn't yet full summer so the weather varied a good deal. But the purpose of the holiday was not to lay on the sand. Tony was in charge of household chores and cooking (of course) and he was now to attend us in the bedroom. I think that it was down in that cottage that my husband first saw Amos fuck me and it devastated him. But as well as learning that some men are simply much bigger, much more masculine and they fuck a woman until she screams, Tony understood that he was to relate humbly to Amos too. I remember that I went shopping for the day and Amos and Tony stayed at the cottage. No one would interrupt, no one would break the day for them, Amos was going to start Tony's faggot training. Amos told me about it immediately i got home. It had been a brutal day of chores around the cottage and the out houses. Amos worked Tony relentlessly, seeing if he would resist. He didn't. Periodically Amos would come and check on the work that Tony did and it was never good enough. The stream of adverse criticism was relentless! Then, several times a day, Amos took out his semi erect cock, he made Tony kneel and then suck it. Cruelty and worship was the formula, back and forth between the two. By the time that i got home, Tony had sucked black cock four times, the last to a gagging eruption down his throat, and my husband was a physical wreck who begged a bath to recover. Amos only permitted that after Tony had sucked cock in front of me.

It amazed me! It amazed me that Tony opened his mouth so wide an he really sucked on that cock. Even when Amos swelled to a meaty size, Tony still gobbled and sucked. There was the most delicious sucking, squelchy noises as m husband's head moved back and forth on his masters weapon. He had been taught to look up at Amos as he submitted and that was done to perfection save for one brief moment when Tony started to gag and Amos cuffed his ear hard.

'You've broken him' I whispered coming to Amos's side whilst Tony sucked on cock.

My husband was being humiliated. I watched entranced. I pictured him in his work suit, still sucking Amos's cock. I pictured him sucking cock to order. There were no walls, no caveats, no conditions, Tony was being made to surrender suck.

'We've begun babe…' Amos purred as he kissed me. 'It gonna take a while, but eventually Tony gonna need my cock. He gonna worship the fucker.'

The words made me tingle. My spine tingled. My nipples hardened beneath my blouse. The thought of Amos making my husband his faggot.

Tony's mouth was ordered onto my sex, pushing up beneath the hem of my skirt. He licked my cunt, smelled the arousal down there, inhaled the salty, musky scent of female need. He licked my cunt until my sex lips were swollen and my clitty bulged beneath its hood. Then, in front of Tony, Amos fucked me, crudely humping me against the kitchen work surface. I climaxed very very hard. Tony watched us, crestfallen. I was begging Amos for his cum, stroking his tightly curled afro hair, throwing back my head in complete submission. Black male, taking what he chose. Black male, pushing my mate aside.

Another dose of cruelty and worship was prescribed for the next day. This time though I was around to watch. I wore the tightest possible jeans, some very severe looking pointed toe boots and I insisted that I wanted to prepare supper for the evening. I watched Amos take Tony outside and have him clean his car. He cleaned it three times before it got near Amos's satisfactory standard. Then onto his knees Tony went and he greedily sucked cock. I found myself rubbing my sex against the kitchen sink edge. Watching Amos make my husband kneel and suck. I thought, you shouldn't like this, you shouldn't! but in truth, I did. It was the absolute authority that Amos had, the complete determination to diminish my husband, to bend him into something else. Then car waxing followed and once again it was never good enough for Amos. I watched Tony's head drop. He was being tested to the limit.

I took Amos and i out a beer and we watched Tony get the second shine to a very high standard. Tony glimpsed longingly at me in the boots. He loved boots, you could tell in an instant. I hadn't realised.

'Let's get you fucked' Amos said suddenly.

Tony froze! He literally froze and stared at Amos.

'Drop your pants, lean over the car' ordered Amos.

My husband was either going to take a cocking or a thrashing. It was one or the other.

'Please!' begged Tony.

'Now it seems a punishment man….but you'll learn to see it a treat. You'll learn to need it like the fucking faggot you are.'

The stern authority of Amos's words astonished me. There was no way back.

I walked around to the other side of the car bonnet. I walked suggestively and stood with my pussy pubes pressed against the front wing of the car. I was trying to help. I was trying to give Tony something to concentrate on whilst he took his first length. Later he would tell me though that the move seemed a fucking taunt. Cunt you can't have. You're a faggot boy.

'Do as Amos told you' I whispered to Tony hand on hip.

I watched Tony unbutton his trousers. I saw him draw down the zip fly. Then Amos dragged trousers and pants down around his legs. It was a rough, a sudden disrobing. Amos kicked Tony's legs further apart and he took out his erection. His manhood, it looked too big. It looked way too big. Tony was looking up at me, looking straight at the crotch of my jeans. He was hyperventilating. Amos, calm, determined, took out a tube of lubricant gel and he squirted some on his finger. Without warning he pushed it into Tony's ass, slapping his buttocks when Tony yelped. I watched him work the gel around inside and then there was the stroke as he massaged Tony's prostate. The effect on Tony's face was electric! There were three sharp intakes of breath and then Tony closed his eyes. His grimaces were lavish, his tongue moving in his mouth. He was being aroused by Amos.

'You needing this yet bitch?' growled Amos.

Tony gasped.

'You needing it huh, some black mamba up your white rumba?'

Tony groaned. The fingering was obviously exquisite, shocking and exquisite ten fold more!

'Yes!' groaned Tony again.

'Yes what you little fucka? Yes what?'

'Yes sir……please.'

Amos checked my expression casually. You ready for this? You ready to see your husband taught to be a faggot babe?'

I was ready. I wanted him to do it. It was going to hurt a good deal. It was going to shame Tony, but I wanted it. I wanted Tony to associated putting his butt up for Amos with my approval. So I moved to the front of the car and edged down my jeans. I edged them down so that Tony could see my cunt lips peeping between my hair. I moved close enough so that my husband could sniff me, even if it was hard to lick, whilst he took Amos's cock inside for the first time. More lube. Amos's helmet glistening. His shaft hard, proud, masterly. He rubbed the glans once around Tony's botty hole and then with a firm thrust, pushed his cock head inside.

Tony yelped. I watched his teeth clench. I watched his fingers spasm.

'Lick my woman's cunt, smell her!' Amos ordered. May be it was meant to be distraction. But it was triumphant too. He loved dominating my husband. Amos shoved in more and that pushed Tony's face against my sex. It was an awkward angle for him to lick the way I licked, but he licked and nuzzled nonetheless as Amos went full length up him.

'fucking tight huh…we'll loosen you some this week faggot, we'll loosen you good!' growled Amos.

Tony was licking and crying. I felt his nose nuzzling me. It was rhythmic now, Amos pushing inside him. Is there a better, a kinder way to do this? I don't know. Butt plugs, a gradual stretching. But the point was that Amos wanted Tony to capitulate sharp and hard. He had to remember the humiliation, forever. He had to think of him self so much less, in an instant.

'Oh God!' gasped Tony.

'Lick pussy….it will help' I soothed.

Tony licked as best he could.

Amos thrust. May be not deep, but with manly force.

Tony gasped in rhythm with the masculine penetrations.

Amos climaxed. I watch the sensations register in his beautiful, hard black face as the spunk flowed. Tony's legs were shaking. I couldn't tell. An orgasm? Had Tony orgasmed on his masters cock?!

There was a sucking sound as Amos pulled out. I zipped up my jeans as Tony late prostrate on the car bonnet. When I peeped behind there was little needs of white cum oozing out of my husband's clenching bottom.

'It had to be done Tony…you will get used to it, even love it' I whispered to my husband as Amos started to kiss me.

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